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Dreams ~2~ Drawings
Old Art

Go GET 'EM Gully!

Just a sketch I did at work...I was so bored...anywho...this is Gully from Battle Chasers...that comic ROCKS! She is (C) to Joe MAD!


Well, this one actually made it onto Artail before here! Weird...anywho...Dustine is sitting in the moonlight missing someone...

She's lonely...

Yeah, most people thought Dustine was nude in this pic, but SHE'S NOT! (Thus her latest change in design)

Ooohhh...Fall Colors...*drool*

Autumn is an awesome season! It's very colorful and...sorta romantic...I'm so gothic!! Weird me! ^_^

He loves her...

I drew this around the time for prom...I had a good time...the sunset took me a long time to color. It's pencil!

How does she do it?!

Sheesh! I didn't know Karen could play like that! Apparently, neither did Black Jack...

She loves that candy...@_@

Halloween is the greatest holiday of the year! It's creepy, gothic, and the perfect season for Tim Burton movies!

What would she think?

I'm not sure what to say for this one, I just like the colors...and Happy Valentine's!

Run!  It's THOSE guys!!

PBJ is an improv-comedy group me and two guys at work started...we've already entertained one crowd! Woo-HOO!

That's GOTTA hurt!

Cooner got ticked off when a guard-mech tried to sneak up on him from under the waterways...yeesh...

Tornadoes KICK!

Yeah! Tornadoes are the coolest thing...and yup...I'm a Texan...better run!

Scooter Foxfur!

Here is the very first pic I did of Scooter, look! DYNAMIC POSE!! I did this at work too! WEEEE! Fun facts!


This is the intro pic for my new "bad-guy"...Tidal. I was also listening to The Matrix soundtrack when this pic was done...

A Tale Once Told

The story of a selfless hero, The Legend of Maximum Valor...

How did?  Never mind..., I'm not sure how to explain it either...just look and be the judge, and laugh...

SHHH!! Santa ain't here yet!

Merry Christmas! And Happy Holidays!

Our hearts together form awesome power!

I was listening to a song about "Being there when it counts", when I drew this...


Well, this is not really a new pic, actually...but I still like's Cooner's Mom.

Oh, be quiet!

From Christmas of '99, it looks like Karen is having fun...but Black Jack...

It's snowtime!

Another older pic, this is Foxx and Cooner as little kids making a snowman...

Sheesh, was I feeling gothic or WHAT?!

Man, these guys look like they mean business...anywho...Tidal and Spaztic are my "bad-guys", and I finally got Photoshop to 'spruce' them up! (Crowd says.."Well DUUHHH!")

Happy Birthday Buddy!

I never thought that Cooner would go the distance to reach 5, but here he is! Have a good one hero...

Huh?  Computer work?

It's from a project at school I just finished, it was mostly done with Painter. That's why it looks sketchy, Painter stinks like that. If it didn't do that, I'd have bought THAT program instead of Photoshop. Anywho...Tails is (C) to Sega, but my goggles are NOT! ^_^

Oohh! Sketchy!

The next few images show the process I go through for drawing all my pics. Anywho...if you look to your will see a first concept sketch...^_^


Now, once I get what I want on paper, I trace over the original pencil work in ink.

And then!

And finally, I get tired and I do a few renders on Photoshop for the sake of saying I did something. The final color drawing isn't done yet, but it will be. Completely in colored pencil!

Oh yeah!  Dynamite RAVE! first computer generated background! I think it came out okay! Anywho...I LOVE Dance Dance Revolution, in case you haven't noticed...

I wish...

Well...X-mas is here...almost...and Cooner's all alone again...heroes don't deserve that...

Get on the dance stage!

Alrighty..this is my entry for a logo contest for the DDR tournament where I live, and the winner gets $50! I hope I get it...^_^

It's Punmpkin time again!

Fall and HALLOWEEN is here again! And I know Karen enjoys them both as much as I do! Pumpkin time!!


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