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Dreams ~2~ Drawings

Who's that?

Geez! This was the first Rendition I received from Mellie, awesome art! I still owe her a pic!


Holy! Luna is the first person to draw Cooner for me! It rocks!

Here I come!

Hey! This one's done by Stuart Thomas, I think it came out really good! Thanks Stu...


Alrighty...this one's done by Loupi! He's a friend from work, and his art really kicks! Either way, he drew me!


Wow...and he says he can't draw...this is pretty good for someone who "can't draw".
Anywho...thanks Chelano!


Oh wow!  I can't draw like CLAMP at all!  I try, but it looks more like...CRAMP.
Anywho...Thank you SO MUCH Lez!

Holy cow!  Rina Cat RULES!

I've been watching Rina Cat's art grow and become awesome for the past year or two, and I felt honored that she'd draw me...even if it's my older design...Thanks Rina!

Uh...why am I dresses like this again?

Here's the other end of the trade I did with Kaleigh Walpole, I absolutely LOVE this pic!


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